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Tips and ideas regarding lower back pain and treatment.

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The human back supports the structural pillar for the rest of the body and supports most of the strains associated with the daily activities. It is important to provide the lower back, which is most exposed, with some type of lumbar back support.

Lower back pain, in the lumbar section of the vertebral column, is one of the most common medical issues, patients that understand more about causes and solutions for these back problems have a better chance of solving them, treating them or at least resolving them when they occur. Lumbar back pains are certainly frustrating and difficult to deal with when they show up, as pains in this area are not only strong but can force you to stay in bed.

These pains may appear suddenly or be something a person is exposed to constantly, they can be dull or sharp and can be located in a specific region or radiate as tingling, numbness or a dull pain to other areas. Lumbago (low back pain) is the fifth most common reason people consult with their physicians. Ninety percent of all adults suffer lumbar back pain at some point in their lives and 5 out of ten adults have issues each and every year. The lower back has a natural inward curve that points towards the stomach area, this area needs some support that helps to avoid unnecessary strain and discomfort.

The lumbar area must be taken into account, specially when a person is sitting down for long periods of time, something more and more common in today’s work market. Lumbar back support can be provided by specially designed car or office seats and chairs, any lack in support can be complemented by specially designed lumbar support cushions and people that need to walk around, are recovering from lower back issues or need to lift heavy objects can obtain support using lower back braces or specially designed lumbar back support belts.

Some very mundane activities, when done without regard to the impact on the spine can lead to non-trivial pain and other issues related to posture. For example, consider the impact of housecleaning. Whether lugging around a vacuum cleaner or a feather duster, how the task is accomplished can be everything. Even the actual cleaning supplies & products can have a huge impact. For example, if the cleaning agent you use to scour grills is not effective, you will spend much more energy, often exerting yourself in uncomfortable positions (ever clean the bottom of your built-in grill?). You know what that can do to a well aligned, yet vulnerable lumbar. And if your mop, broom, or vacuum extension requires gymnastics to reach those unclean areas, they are also very likely causing small changes in both muscles and joints, and when those muscles and joints are connected to your back (they probably are), the chances of immediate or worse, delayed agony, can set in. So pay attention the tools and products you use as you go about your everyday chores. Proper choices in your "custodial supplies" can mean much more than a good cleaning outcome. It might mean a good night's sleep, and no back pain in the morning!

This site obviously does not replace professional advice in any manner, we recommend you visit your physician or local specialist doctor for diagnosis, treatment and tips for your particular case and problem. Here are some products you may consider for your particular case:

Lumbar support chairs Even though a person sitting in a chair without lumbar support, it’s a natural occurence that people end up slouching forward if they are seated for a long period of time, this strains the back. Well designed office chairs and seats in general provide adequate and sometimes adjustable lumbar support and avoid back pain and strain.

Lumbar support cushions or pillows These cushions and pillows are designed to help maintain support and the normal back curvature in the lumbar area while seated for long periods at the office, in your car or at home. Many are made with memory foam.

Lumbar support belts or braces Belts are many times designed with adjustable side bands for custom fit and support. They help to keep the back in a correct lifting position, can be ventilated. They do not strengthen the back. Braces encourage proper spinal alignment and support the lower back and abdomen and prevent back injury. Compression is normally adjusted through elastic adjustable side pulls.

Back pain treatment programs Can include surgery, massage, reiki, chiropractors, physical therapy, exercise, yoga, acupuncture and many other options.



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Does anyone have any stories or facts about kyphosis that I can relate to him? His degree of curvature is 60%. Thanks.
Thank you for the post ‘Just My Opinion’, I am new to this and don’t know how to actually send you a response to your post. My son’s brace does have the bar that goes up the front of his chest too. I will let him make the decision and won’t force it. I just don’t want him to face bigger health problems in the future. Do you think that wearing the brace all the time, EXCEPT during school, will help? One article at says to wear it 16-24 hours, but his doc says 24 hours for minimum of 6months at first. Any other suggestions are appreciated.